Tuesday, August 21, 2007

More ACS review

This is going to be short.

Today I went to a number of talks. I went to the Cope award lectures today and heard the fastest talk ever. Andre Charette said more English words in 40 minutes than I even know. I've never heard someone talk so fast during a lecture. I'm familiar enough with his work to know what he was talking about (mostly), but wow, did he cover a lot in a little amount of time.

I also caught the lectures by MacMillan, MacGillivray and Frechet. All were good, but the nature of these talks is that they essentially review many things they (i.e. their grad students) have done. It is hard to get any detail out of them. The really good stuff is to be found in the 20 minute sessions in the smaller rooms. I'm visiting those tomorrow.

Tonight I met up with Paul (Chembark) and one of his frequent commenters, Eugene. We had a few drinks and shared a few laughs and talked shop. It was nice to have met them.

I have yet to post my brewpub review. Time is surprisingly limited. I have been to three of them in Boston (Rockbottom [actually a macro-brewpub], Cambridge Brewing Company, and Boston Beer Works). I will try to get something out ASAP. Now it is time to sleep.


mjenks said...

Is the Boston Beerworks the one with all the corrugated metal?

Jordan said...

I spent many happy hours (not Happy Hours) at CBC, back in the day...