Tuesday, August 14, 2007

perty picture

Thanks to the Kutti at Jungfreudlich I was able to make the following picture with the glowing humulone structure. I don't have time to figure stuff like this out on my own so having a screencast to guide me was awesome.

Check out Kutti's very useful instructions. Soon you too will be making your blog look cooler.

Hint: What I did find was that it looks better when the ChemDraw structure uses a line width of about 0.065 cm. The bottom right structure have a line width of 0.065 cm and the one on the left has a width of 0.090 cm.


Kutti said...

Great picture Chemgeek! I am really glad that you liked my little screencast.

By the way: you are absolutely right in what you say about the adjustments that should be made in Chemdraw. I forgot to mention that in my screencast.

WHAK'd said...

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