Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What's wrong with the following?

I saw this on a poster in the Organic division. I'm not going to tell you what number or who it was by to protect the guilty.

What is wrong with this:

Any student in the first two weeks of sophomore level organic should be able to ID what is wrong. And this was on a poster displayed at the ACS convention!!!! The structure was simple too. It's not like she was trying to draw a very complex structure. Only when a complicated 3D structure is being drawn can things like this occur.

Little things like this annoy me. There's no excuse for putting this on your poster, even if you are cute. Sorry.


mjenks said...

Amen. I'm very anal about getting all of my bond angles correct when I draw structures and such, whether it's by hand or by drawing program. I blame it all on Xavier Creary.

Ψ*Ψ said...

Thou shalt not draw bent alkynes!
I believe a good smiting is in order.

Liberal Arts Chemist said...

it looks to me like that old 70's "Plan Ahead" poster where they did not leave enought room for the a and the d.

On the other hand, there have been a number of articles in Chem Eng News about bent triple bonds and at one time there were even accusations of racism because the discoverer of the "bent" triple bonds was from a visible minority.
No, in fact this is not a joke there are a number of people right now who are publishing in ACS journals that are arguing for triple bonds to "bent" atoms. Check out the names Robinson and Power for the most recent combatants.

Milo said...

There is no doubt that you can bend a triple bond... but the bend is more of an arc, not really an angle.

I was so dismayed in the errors I saw on posters and in talks... what happened to scientists having high standards?