Sunday, August 26, 2007

Boston brewpub review #3

Finally, I get to the last one. The school year starts tomorrow. I will be very busy. Hopefully, posting will not decrease too much, but don't be worried if I am not as active until oh....May :)

The final brewpud I went to was Boston Beer Works. There are three locations in Boston. I went to the Fenway location. It is (depending on the time of day and year) in the shadows of Fenway Park.

I may have chosen the wrong location. Because at the Fenway location, the service SUCKED. Really, it was terrible. I sat at the bar and haven't been this ignored since my senior prom in high school. And it's not like the bartenders were busy. Besides, I was ordering (or trying to) beer. Beer is a very easy drink to make.

In the 2+ hours I was there, I was only able to enjoy 2 beers. Both were fine. One was an oatmeal stout, the other was an IPA (cask conditioned). To be honest, the IPA was very good. Sure wish I could have had another.....

The ONLY redeeming value of Boston Beer Works is that they only sell beer and wine. Not only that, they ONLY sell their own beer. No Miller Lite here. That I think is a very good thing. In smaller cities, brewpubs can't get away with that. They often need to sell Miller Lite to survive.

So, what can I say about Boston Beer Works? Not much. The service sucked. I am usually a very good tipper. For me, the default tip is 20%. I would have given a 0% tip, but that goes against my core principles (though it has happened on occasion). I think I gave a 5% tip. But even at 5% they could have made some money if they would have allowed me to spend more money at their restaurant.

I hope this was an anomaly. All I know is I will never go back.


Mark Tichenor said...

Based on the place's sheer size and commercial bent, I expected their beer to be crap. I was wrong; it was good stuff.

I got good service too. Were you wearing a Yankees cap or something?

Chemgeek said...

I wasn't, but maybe I should have been wearing some Red Sox gear.

Oh well, I must have been there at the wrong time.