Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Curse of all curses

I found out something amazing and sad today. Fellow blogger, mjenks, suffers from a terrible affliction. He is allergic to hops. Yes, hops. The hops found in beer. In other words, he can't drink beer. I can think of few fates worse than this one.

So, tonight I drink a home-crafted Irish Stout while watching Notre Dame duke it out with UAB in the NIT.[1] Cheers, mjenks. This one is for you.

[1] Truth in blogging: I actually spent most of my time watching the Minnesota Wild beat Colorado in a 'howkey' match.


the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Nicely done. I saw that you snapped the picture while Notre Dame was trailing. Excellent, excellent.

Note that UAB is coached by former Indiana head coach Mike Davis. There's a sort of symmetry there.

ND's next opponent could be New Mexico, who is coached by...what do you know...former Indiana star Steve Alford!

Ψ*Ψ said...

Can we not mention the NIT? The fact that Kentucky is in it this year makes me want to cry a little. (er...a lot.)

Chemgeek said...

Didn't Kentucky recently get rid of a coach named Tubby? I can't remember if he got his current team into the NIT or the NCAA. hmmmm. Yeah, I'm pretty sure he took a craptastic team and got them into the NCAA tourney after only 2 years.

sorry for the sarcasm. I do feel bad for UK fans, but not those that called for his firing.

Ramsey said...

Looks like that Billy Gillispie hire didn't pan out too well for the Wildcats. Aaand the SEC was horrible this year. Double wammy.

That beer looks yummy.

Lisa-tastrophies said...

Damn!! Poor MJenks. Talk about the curse of all curses! Whatever will he drink when the Chemgeek Brewhaus opens? Guess, I will have to be a true-friend-blog-stalker and drink his pints for him...cause I'm just that kind of caring blog-stalker :-)