Saturday, March 7, 2009

SPRING BREAK 2009!!!!!

Sorry for the silence lately. I've been swamped with midterm exams, projects and grading. Now that Spring Break is here, it is time to party!!!!

And by 'party' I mean hang out with the kids and make french toast. As I get older, I look forward to Spring Break more for the time to rest than for the revelry for which it is so well known. I may go on a several hour bender and finish off two-thirds of a six-pack, but I won't be jetting down to a warmer climate trying to score with drunk chicks I meet on a beach. Those days are long behind me. OK, to be honest, I never had those days.

My Spring Breaks were, in my opinion, more fun (mostly).

Freshman year: On the Thursday before Spring Break a friend (let's call him Stan) casually asked, "hey, wanna go to Florida for Spring Break?" Me, "sure." We quickly planned and convinced two other friends (both girls I might add) to join us. We jumped into Stan's Dodge Shelby (yes, 4 of us in a two door hatchback) and headed south. Stan knew two people in Florida, one person near Tampa and another near Vero Beach. We could stay with them and get to see both coasts of Florida. I didn't know these people, but I trusted Stan.

We got to Tampa and it was then that I found out Stan's friend was 40, married with 3 kids and unaware that 4 people (including two women) were coming. It was a bit awkward. He and his family ended up being very nice hosts. We basically used their home as a place to sleep and recover from sunburn. We didn't do too much other than hang out at the nearest beach and consume a few Coor's lights. We did take a trip to Sea World, but it was on the coldest day of the trip. It was in the low 50's (F) and it sucked because we didn't travel to Florida to freeze. For the rest of the trip, it was warm (70-80s).

After a few days, we traveled across Florida to Vero Beach. There we spent a couple days with another of Stan's friends. She was a college student ane understood the meaning of Spring Break. Nothing too remarkable happened. I don't remember much, but I do remember having some of the best fresh squeezed orange juice I have ever had in my life. We picked the oranges right off the tree. It was awesome.

The drive back was long. We were tired. When we got back, it was 20°F and windy. We missed being warm.

Next time, I'll recount my Sophomore year Spring Break.

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Lisa-tastrophies said...

Ah yes, those were the days... I never had a real big SB blow out, either. I was always either visiting family or trying to finish all the school work I had procrastinated. Why do profs assign term papers to be turned in the day after spring break????

SB starts next week for us. I think the kids are going to be off the chain this week, but I am ready....Xanax and Hoho stash has been replenished.

Have a great SB and have a few of the Chemgeek Homebrews for me.