Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sophomore year Spring Break

During my Sophomore year, me and two girls (a male friend of mine backed out) took a trip to Boulder, CO. We jumped into my 1982 Chevy Celebrity and headed west. One of the girls lived in Nebraska so we had a place to stop along the way.

We got to Boulder, and I was amazed. Boulder is a very nice town, and I used to think that until I attended the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. Then, thanks to football rivalries, I learned to dislike Boulder. Petty? Yes, but I digress.

The other girl I was with had an aunt that lived in Boulder so we stayed there. I don't remember doing to much. We were underage and so we didn't do any drinking or partying. We did touristy stuff. We went to Rocky Mountain National Park. Most of it was closed due to snow. We went to Red Rocks and I pretended to be Bono when U2 was live at Red Rocks.

The biggest highlight/farce of the trip was our quest to find some Crystal Pepsi. Denver was a test market for Crystal Pepsi, and we had plans on scoring a few cases and selling them for profit back in Minnesota. We searched around Denver for a while and found nothing. It turns out we were about 2 weeks early. It also turns out that Crystal Pepsi was crap and not worth the effort.

We headed back to Minnesota and as we were driving across Nebraska, I noticed vehicles traveling in the westbound lane were increasingly covered with snow. Little did we know, we were heading into a major late season snowstorm. Once we got to Lincoln, NE the snow started to get heavy. We made it to Omaha and realized we needed to make a decision. Thankfully, one of the girls on the trip had an uncle in Council Bluff, IA, just across the border from Omaha. We got there and stayed the night. I didn't want to stop. I had an Organic Lab on the next day.

Travel the next day was pretty decent. We made it back, but I missed my lab.

Nothing too exciting, but it was a fun trip and I'm glad I went.


Gerhard said...

I would have flipped too if i had to miss Organic lab... Imagine missing the Grignard lab or Diels-Alder. Hahaha, common people don't understand the importance of Organic lab.

Chemgeek said...

I actually remember what lab it was, esterification. Nothing too exciting, but the smells are usually good.